As a result of industrialization and the rapidly growing global populations, chemicals, heavy metals, oil products and various other pollutants are pervasive in ground water and soil.  These pollutants result in poor drinking water quality, loss of water supply, degraded surface water systems, high clean up costs and potential health problems.
It’s vital to the health of all environments – from farm land, to forests and even backyards – to create sustainable ways to protect and restore the environment and to detect pollutants. Our technologies could be the answer: turf grass that doesn’t require as much watering as normal grass, microbes that convert waste biomass to high value products, genetically engineered oil-consuming bacteria for spill cleanup, microbes for the breakdown of toxic pollutants and plant and microbial-based approaches to pest and rodent control with minimal impact on non-target species.
Our Better DNA® approach seeks to facilitate the development of bio-based technologies to monitor, remediate and protect our environment with an appropriate balance of efficacy, sustainability and economic viability.
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