Core Technologies

Intrexon’s continual process of design-build-test-learn has generated a knowledge base of performance characteristics for individual genetic components, as well as multi-component assemblies in multiple cellular contexts. Utilizing this database and accompanying software tools, Intrexon rapidly designs and constructs single and multi-gene programs with predictable outcomes.

Intrexon’s Better DNA® approach is realized through a unique suite of technologies:

Our suite of proprietary and complementary technologies combines the principles of precision engineering with statistical modeling, automation, and large-scale production. These technologies, when leveraged with a growing knowledge base gained from our iterative process, provide our collaborators with a wealth of capabilities – all available in one place. Intrexon is a one-stop shop for start-to-finish conceptualization, engineering, regulation, optimization and production of biologically-based solutions. Our Better DNA® approach gives us a unique advantage over traditional processes in industrial and synthetic biology.
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