It is estimated the population will reach close to ten billion in the next thirty-five years.  With this continued rise, the present approaches in the Energy, Food, Consumer, Environment and Health sectors are in need of transformational technologies to drive a sustainable path forward for current and future generations. We believe synthetic biology will play a fundamental role solving many challenges such as reducing dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels, increasing agriculture and food productivity, repairing environmental damage through bioremediation, as well as redefine incurable diseases. 
Intrexon's ability to design DNA and construct complex gene programs utilizing a modular, scalable approach with the capacity to predict the viability of a biological solution places the company on the leading-edge of this growing synthetic biology discipline.  Working with our collaborators, we are developing new products and processes that were previously inconceivable. Together, we're working to create A Better World through Better DNA™.
We are always seeking those who share our passion for excellence, hard work, game changing creativity, and moving beyond the limitations of traditional biotech. With Intrexon, you will have an exceptional opportunity to contribute directly to the future of the field.
Intrexon’s commercial operating and core technology divisions are located within the country’s major biotechnology hubs:

  • Industrial Products Division – South San Francisco, California and Budapest, Hungary
  • Cell Engineering Unit and Cell Systems Informatics – San Diego, California
  • Human Therapeutics Division, Molecular Engineering Unit, and Animal Science Division – Germantown, Maryland
  • UltraVector® Division and Agricultural Biotech Division – Blacksburg, Virginia

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