Exclusive Channel Collaborations

An Exclusive Channel Collaboration (ECC) is an agreement between Intrexon and its partners to develop and market products.  With the ECC business model, Intrexon and its collaborators partner under mutually beneficial terms, which are designed to move research, development, and production programs forward on a reliable and effective basis.  To ensure mutual success, Intrexon and its collaborators focus on their respective competencies:
  • Intrexon provides expertise in the engineering, construction and modification of gene programs and cellular systems, where license to its cutting-edge synthetic biology tools and integrated technology suite give partners a competitive advantage towards a successful product launch. 
  • Intrexon's collaborators receive an exclusive license in a field, and are primarily responsible for providing market and product development expertise, as well as sales, marketing and regulatory capabilities. 
Intrexon's ECC model enables the level of scale and capital efficiency necessary to address the broad applicability and diversified range of product opportunities and markets its technology impacts including human and animal health, food and agriculture, energy and chemicals, environment, and consumer products.

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