Private Companies

AD Skincare, Inc. is focusing on the development of an advanced topical delivery system to improve the efficacy of biologically active ingredients which are aimed at improving signs of the aging of human facial skin.

Agilis Biotherapeutics is advancing innovative DNA therapeutics designed to provide long-term efficacy for patients with debilitating, often fatal, rare genetic diseases that affect the central nervous system.

CRS Bio, Inc. will focus on targeted delivery of antibodies for treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis with and without nasal polyps, by utilizing ActoBiotics™ technology to block inflammatory mediators in the nasal passage, leading to improved breathing and, importantly, patients' quality of life.

Exotech Bio, Inc. plans to utilize a novel exosome-based platform for delivering therapeutic RNA to treat select cancer indications, including those for which conventional treatments have been unsuccessful at addressing, with the goal of increasing efficacy while reducing side-effects.  The collaboration is focused on developing engineered cell lines for production of tumor-targeted allogeneic exosomes carrying bioactive RNAs to act directly on intracellular cancer pathways to suppress or eliminate specific tumor cells.

Genten Therapeutics, Inc. will center efforts on ActoBiotics™ expression of gluten peptides, alone or in combination with immunomodulatory cytokines, to reestablish immune tolerance for patients with celiac disease.

Relieve Genetics, Inc. is focusing on a breakthrough, non-opioid gene therapy approach for neuropathic pain centering its therapeutic efforts on addressing the underlying pathophysiology through gene therapy.  With a designed viral vector delivery system, the collaboration will target delivery of an immunomodulatory protein alone or in combination with multiple therapeutic effectors under the control of the RheoSwitch Therapeutic System®, providing localized, persistent, and regulatable drug delivery for pain management.

Thrive Agrobiotics, Inc. plans to utilize Intrexon's ActoBiotics® platform to express nutritive proteins directly to the gastrointestinal tract to support intestinal maturation and function, as well as enhance nutrient absorption in early weaned pigs.  The goal is to develop an efficacious and cost-effective biologic that easily integrates into current commercial pork production systems and promotes growth performance, feed efficiency and a more sustainable food supply.

Xogenex is focusing on development of multi-genic tunable biological therapies for cardiovascular disease that are designed to target the underlying causes of pathology and address limitations of current treatment approaches.