Animal Sciences Division (ASD)

ASD utilizes Intrexon’s technologies and expertise in applications to enhance the health of animals and to improve efficiency and sustainability in food animal production.
By combining Intrexon’s technologies for DNA design and assembly with molecular and protein engineering expertise, ASD is developing optimized therapeutic platforms. These include gene therapies under RheoSwitch® control, which enables precise regulation of the level and timing of gene expression, as well as engineered ActoBiotics® therapeutics, which enable oral delivery of bioactive proteins for improved gut health for pets and food animals.
Research programs in ASD range from the design of therapies to treat chronic diseases in animals to genetically enhanced finfish endowed with advantageous traits to improve farmed seafood approaches.  Other areas of focus include development of advanced feeds for improved health in pets, as well as improved feed utilization and nutritional qualities in food animals.  Additionally, ASD is applying genetic improvement strategies and trait engineering to support product development for efficient, high-quality food production in both agriculture and aquaculture arenas.