Cell Engineering Unit (CEU)

CEU designs and creates novel, engineered cell systems and optimized processes for the development of biologically based products to address unmet market needs.  CEU’s cell line and tissue development activities are driven by our LEAP® platform which provides high-throughput cell imaging coupled with versatile laser-based cell processing to enable highly efficient, in situ cell and colony purification.  
CEU has also developed new, high-throughput, image-based cell screening platforms for a variety of discovery and development applications.  Examples include novel assays for CAR T cell research and optimization of media for cell therapy manufacturing.  In each case, the notable screening throughput enables wide-ranging studies and engineering of non-intuitive solutions for high value applications.
CEU has capabilities to generate and modify cells for a variety of applications, including bioproduction and cell therapy.  The CEU also provides software, electronic, and hardware engineering support for custom designed instrumentation to assist the different divisions within Intrexon.  CEU’s objective is to identify challenges and propose attainable cell-based solutions to achieve Intrexon and collaborator goals across Health, Food, Energy, Environment, and Consumer markets.