Industrial Products Division (IPD)

IPD focuses on applications utilizing a variety of microbial hosts.  IPD’s strain engineering platforms use Intrexon’s genome modeling, gene design and synthesis, screening, fermentation and analytical capabilities toward the generation of microbial strains to manufacture high-value products. 
An iterative multi-cycle Design-Build-Test-Learn™ approach enables selection of the best performing cell lines providing the necessary tools for efficient strain improvement and optimization of the fermentation process for desired molecules. After selecting the best host to produce a particular end product, IPD engineers its genetic pathways to deliver a biological manufacturing solution via a scalable process that provides consistent quality, along with the potential to drive substantial cost savings versus traditional methods. 

Key areas IPD is involved in include isobutanol production from a methane feed stock, which offers significant advantages over traditional sugar based bioconversion platforms, and the development of new antimicrobial compounds and active pharmaceutical ingredients in suitable production hosts.