Intrexon ActoBiotics Division (IAD)

IAD leverages Intrexon’s proprietary ActoBiotics® platform to deliver therapeutic molecules selectively to the oral and gastrointestinal tract for the treatment of oral, gastrointestinal, metabolic, allergic and autoimmune diseases.  IAD seeks to develop orally administered ActoBiotics® biotherapeutics that enable treatment opportunities not achievable through customary mechanisms like injectable medicines and permitting ease of administration for patients.
Using ActoBiotics® technology, IAD is working to develop safe, efficacious therapeutic solutions for human and animal health applications.  Key areas for IAD include oral mucositis, inflammatory bowel disease, allergy, type-1 diabetes, celiac disease, porcine growth and nutrition.  IAD focuses on providing proof-of-concept in animal models, establishing non-clinical PK/PD/safety data information for regulatory submissions and manufacturing of (non-)GMP batches for (non-)clinical experimentation.

IAD, a division of Intrexon Actobiotics NV, subsidiary of Intrexon Corporation
Technologiepark 4   9052 Gent Belgium
Tel: +32 9 277 11 77  |  E-mail: