Molecular Engineering Unit (MEU)

MEU designs and develops ActoBiotics® biologics, genetically modified microorganisms for complementary “out of the box” solutions in fields ranging from human medicine to consumer products to tools for crop pest control.  Once the optimal combination of bioactive components assures functionality, strains that address all requirements for clinical or commercial field application are built.
MEU’s genetic engineering platform enables the expression of diverse peptide bioactives such as hormones, cytokines, growth factors, auto-antigens, allergens, monoclonal antibodies and enzymes. MEU is also strongly committed to develop other, non-protein bioactive agents.  MEU’s L. lactis tailored library technology further provides an elegant screening and optimization strategy to shortlist potential therapeutic candidates, both in vitro as well as in cell culture. 
Together, MEU’s genome engineering capabilities, supporting the ActoBiotics® platform, enable the comprehensive design of novel therapeutics, suited for a vast and broad variety of medical interventions including anti-inflammatory therapy, tissue repair, antigen-specific tolerance induction and hormonal intervention as well agricultural applications such as pest control and farm animal growth stimulation.