Information Technology (IT)

The IT division consists of the Infrastructure, Software Engineering, and Information Systems.  IT provides support, tools and technologies across Intrexon and subsidiaries distributed around the globe.  Information Systems such as the BeyondBio™ portal and underlying subsystems support our Design-Build-Test-Learn™ approach to synthetic biology, and enable our scientists to collaborate efficiently across divisions and with our partners.  The portal provides access to Intrexon’s proprietary databases and algorithms as an end-to-end integrated solution for our research and project management teams, facilitating information and knowledge sharing.  The subsystems include our knowledge management system housing our proprietary, annotated construct databases, electronic lab notebook and scientific data management system capturing our institutional knowledge, and automated software workflows supporting our computational biology pipelines and proprietary algorithms.
Additionally, the software engineering team designs and builds custom applications and solutions in support of laboratory workflows to enhance the discovery process, as well as reduce production and scale up challenges.  These applications are built to suit the dynamic needs of our synthetic biologists and collectively serve as the software platform across Intrexon and the basis for our Laboratory Information Management System.
Through its support and technology applications, IT facilitates Intrexon’s research and development process helping drive programs from concept to commercialization.