Okanagan Specialty Fruits - Healthy Produce Choices for Consumers With Benefits Across Entire Supply Chain

Okanagan Specialty Fruits (OSF), a wholly owned subsidiary of Intrexon, is the pioneering agricultural company behind the Arctic® apple, the world's first non-browning apple without use of any flavor-altering chemical or antioxidant additives.  OSF's vision and ground-breaking effort in responsibly harnessing the power of technology to produce wholesome, nutritious food that is more appetizing and convenient to consumers is well aligned with Intrexon's strategy for food and agriclture programs.
The Arctic® apple is an elegantly engineered solution to what is more than a pesky cosmetic problem.  Solving apples' browning offers benefits and savings on the farm, at the packinghouse, across retail, and most importantly for the consumer.  In addition to enabling higher volumes of better quality fruit reaching consumers at a lower cost, the reduction of substantial food waste from the farm to the home has positive implications for environmental sustainability.  
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