ActoBiotics® biotherapeutics are a new class of orally delivered biopharmaceuticals.  Through our proprietary platform, food-grade microbes (Lactococcus lactis) are engineered to generate biologically contained ActoBiotics® therapeutics for in situ expression and secretion of novel proteins and peptides including cytokines, enzymes, hormones, and monoclonal antibodies within the body.  The ActoBiotics® platform offers the unique ability to deliver biological effectors selectively to the oral and gastrointestinal tract enabling treatment opportunities not achievable through customary mechanisms like injectable medicines and permitting ease of administration for patients. With intervention focused at the site of pathology, this groundbreaking class of orally available biopharmaceuticals has the potential to facilitate targeted therapies against oral, gastrointestinal, metabolic, allergic and autoimmune diseases. 

By focusing on biological molecules with known pharmacological activity, documented efficacy and established safety profiles, the development risk for existing and future partners is substantially lower than for newly discovered drug compounds.  Intrexon’s multigenic engineering technologies provide additional capabilities to develop microbes that express multiple active compounds offering potential for combination treatment within a single-dose ActoBiotics® therapeutic.  Using our ActoBiotics® biotherapeutics, we are able to provide unique biological engineering and biotechnology research solutions, especially in the area of the developing micro-organisms for human and animal healthcare.  Clinical stage ActoBiotics® products include AG013, which delivers a therapeutic peptide for the prevention and attenuation of oral mucositis, and AG014 which secretes anti-TNF-alpha Fab to treat inflammatory bowel disease with localized delivery minimizing systemic exposure. Other ActoBiotics® biotherapeutics under development have shown positive efficacy data in animal models for allergic diseases, type 2 diabetes, as well as autoimmune disorders such as celiac disease and type 1 diabetes.
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