AttSite™ Recombinases

Intrexon’s AttSite recombinases enable targeted gene delivery at a specific location in the host cell genome opening the door to functional genomics and development of high-expressing production cell lines for therapeutic proteins.  Recombinases break and rejoin DNA at specific sequences to direct integration of a transgene into a genome, as well as to control gene excision.  In carrying out unidirectional, irreversible recombination, AttSite technology provides stable and efficient gene exchange mediating robust activity in a wide range of hosts, including human cells, rodent stem cells, and plant cells.
By providing specific attachment sites for insertion of the desired genetic code through highly specific recognition regions and corresponding enzymes, AttSite recombinases permit many specific gene transfers in a reliable and repeatable fashion.  They can be used in conjunction with other Intrexon technologies, including the RheoSwitch® system, to control the timing and localization of recombinase expression in cells and tissues.  Targeted genomic modification with the AttSite platform may increase the speed and reliability of generating transgenic cells and organisms that meet specific criteria, as well as improve the safety profile of gene therapies.

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