LEAP® (Laser Enabled Analysis and Processing)

Our LEAP® (Laser Enabled Analysis and Processing) cell processing instrumentation is setting new standards for advancing the fields of cell analysis and purification, generating highly purified cell lines with greater productivity in less time than conventional approaches.  Utilizing a wide range of image-based assays to characterize cell populations, the LEAP® platform can conduct rapid on-plate identification and purification of cells of interest from large libraries of cells.  It also provides a mechanism for testing the degree of protein expression in genetically modified cells by combining the flexibility of computerized image-based selection with the precision of laser purification.  

Through the LEAP® automated system and cell processing services, Intrexon can custom manufacture genetically engineered cells and organisms for use by its partners in scientific, research, and industrial solutions.  A key application is the generation of biomanufacturing cell lines to produce therapeutic proteins, such as high antibody-expressing cells. Additionally when applied to the selective maintenance of therapeutic stem cells, it enables scale up and automation of stem cell processing, which has historically been largely manual.

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