Protein Engineering

Intrexon’s bioinformatics and computational modeling platform is central to our protein engineering expertise, which focuses on designing enhanced and/or novel protein functionalities, including stability, localization, and catalytic activity.  To modulate these protein properties, we utilize the UltraVector® platform’s modular design method to separate proteins into functional elements.  Intrexon’s proprietary database catalogs comprehensive information about the genetic and protein components based on structure-based sequence alignment, de novo and comparative protein modeling, molecular dynamics simulation and free energy analysis.

Our protein engineering capabilities can facilitate computer-aided drug discovery and development of novel enzyme inhibitors and fusion proteins for development of therapeutics.  Additionally, Intrexon’s competencies include antibody design, prediction of antibody functionality and optimization of protein pharmacokinetics.  Our protein engineering can also be applied to agriculture, including the generation of molecular strategies aimed at developing pest resistance in plants.

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