RheoSwitch® gene regulation delivers precise rheostatic control and optimizes performance in multiple biological systems (human, animal, yeast, and plant) for a diverse range of applications, including gene therapy, biotherapeutics, and agriculture.  The RheoSwitch Therapeutic System® (RTS®) offers transcriptional control of a wide variety of therapeutic genes by regulating the timing and dose of an oral activator ligand.

Intrexon's proprietary RTS® system is uniquely positioned as the first clinically-evaluated gene switch with in vivo data showing the ability to control gene expression with a broad dynamic range. The RTS® platform provides a mechanism for titrating therapeutic effects on a patient-specific and predictable basis, as well as a safety switch to rapidly turn off gene expression.  The ability to administer or withdraw an oral activator ligand to sustain continued treatment cycles is a key benefit exclusive to RTS® technology. 
Read more about the RTS® platform in the Scientific Literature section as well as the RheoSwitch® white paper.