Intrexon’s RheoSwitch Therapeutic System® (RTS®) platform has broad applicability in gene therapy.  As a transcription control mechanism, RTS® can regulate almost any payload gene creating a wide number of potential high value therapeutics.   RTS® technology enables dose-dependent, inducible gene expression through administration of a small-molecule ligand. 

Clinical and preclinical datasets from RTS® enabled therapeutics have shown precise gene regulation in vivo and ex vivo as well as an excellent safety profile (no dose-limiting toxicity or maximum tolerated dose identified, no off-target pharmacodynamics observed).  RheoSwitch® is currently being engineered into cell-based therapies with collaborators focused on oncology, ocular diseases, rare diseases and rare skin disorders. 

Read more about the RTS® platform in the Scientific Literature section as well as the RheoSwitch® white paper.