Autologous T-cells genetically engineered to express Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs) represent an emerging, high value immunological therapy that can target and destroy cancer cells displaying “personalized” fingerprints, yet current approaches feature challenges associated with on target toxicity, off-target systemic effects, and unscalable manufacturing. Additionally the majority of CART product candidates currently employ retro/lentiviruses for gene delivery, limiting the payload capacity and significantly hindering the number and types of biological solutions available.   The scientific team at Intrexon has the technology and know-how to overcome these challenges.  

Our UltraCART Initiative integrates a number of Intrexon’s proprietary synthetic biology technologies. Most significantly, utilization of our orally bioavailable small molecule-activated RheoSwitch® facilitates exquisite regulation of multiple bioeffectors in CAR-T Cells in a dose dependent fashion, enabling physicians to control the effects of systemically-administered cell therapies through delivering minimally invasive oral activator ligands.  Intrexon possesses the integrated technology platforms, molecular engineering, systems biology, and cell engineering capabilities required to actualize the potential of CAR-T Cell therapies.